Introducing the Aii Multi-Family Fund IV – More Than An Investment Opportunity

Aii partners with passive investors seeking current income from rental operations, and long term appreciation to augment total returns. Our investors are high net worth individuals, family offices, Investment groups, and Institutional funds. Our investors generally seek diversification, spreading investment capital over several of our CRE portfolios.

Partnering with Aii allows investors to enjoy substantial cash on cash returns, tax benefits, and gain a trusted resource in the industry.

We proactively manage the assets, and monitor key performance indicators to determine the optimal timing to sell, delivering maximum returns on invested capital.

We strive to be a reliable source of quality real estate investments, respected and admired by our investors, and worthy of referrals from them.


Apartment Income Investors (Aii) offers superb investment opportunities in the Multifamily sector.

As the sponsor of the investment properties, we’ve developed a comprehensive and structured investment selection and underwriting process for evaluating potential real estate investments. It has been tested, and fine tuned over 20 years, and with hundreds of properties. We conduct extensive due diligence on every potential acquisition to mitigate risk and ensure success.

The Aii Multi- Family Fund IV is a $100 million fund focused exclusively on the acquisition of approximately 15 – 25 income producing multi-family properties with a defined mix of geographic diversity.

80+ Years Combined Experience with $1 Billion in transactions.

Apartment Income Investors, Inc. was formed in 1994 with a mission to provide strong and consistent returns to help investors meet their objectives and preserve investment capital.